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unforgettable dreams

Hey everyone! I'm rather new to LJ, and this community caught my interest. Dreams are some of the most fascinating things out there.

I've been dreaming a lot. Well, I suppose technically you dream every night, but I've been remember my dreams with unusual clarity lately. Honestly, I couldn't be more thrilled. Even when my dreams aren't pleasant, once I've woken up I'm glad I had them.

This post is actually to discuss two dreams that I had a long time ago, but which were and still are very special to me. Both are very simple, but, to me, unforgettable and rather stirring.

The first dream was about five years ago. I was floating in a dark space. All around me was mist, but it couldn't be seen; you could feel it, hear it, and just sense it swirling around you, but it was too black to see. There was music in the background - loud, pulsing, hip/hop dance type music. Then the sound began to fade away. Soon it was silent. In the distance, a figure and a voice arose, becoming clearer with time. The voice remained soft, and the figure distant, but both were unmistakeably and undeniable gorgeous. The voice, though quiet, was strong and resonant. No human could produce such a sound; it was unlike anything I'd ever heard. 

What was the voice I heard in my dream? All I know is that when I woke, I could remember neither the tune nor the words it sang, but only that perfect, unmatchable tone. I've never heard the voice since.

The second dream I had in the fall of last year. This dream stands out to me not only for its content but because it marked a turning point in my "dreaming state." I've never been prone to doing bizarre things in my sleep - occasionally I mumble (so I'm told), but there's never been evidence of anything more. After this particular dream,  however, I've started taking physical action in conjunction with and in response to my dreams.

I was in a huge arena, high up in the stands. Below was an empty stage, and all around me were countless rows of empty seats. I stood at the top of a staircase, looking down on the stage, and I saw a man. I know who this man is, though he and I are not familiar, and for various reasons I would like to keep this name private. He jogged up the stairs towards me, reaching out....

At this point, I shot upright in bed, right arm thrown forward, heart pounding. Since, I've done everything in my sleep from walking across the room to the dresser, throwing pillows at the wall, taking out my retainer, getting out books, and even removing articles of clothing and throwing it across the room (what's with the throwing things.) I remember none of it. I only find evidence when I wake up.

Isn't sleep a crazy thing?

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