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Dreams and the supernatural

Have you ever made love to an invisible man

Have you ever had a dream that changed your life? This woman I´m going to tell you about has.

There was this woman who had a dream about a man she didn´t know. It was a very HOT dream...

She is standing in front of a mirror looking at herself, doesn´t really look like her oldself - the woman in the mirror is very hot and sexy and beautiful. As she is standing there she feels the presence of a man whom she has seen earlier in the dream, and with whom she has a secret relationship. She doesn´t really SEE the man, she only feels his presence.. he´s standing behind her, she can feel his breath on her neck and chills all over - you can almost feel the heat in the air.. woah..!

Then he touches her, just a light touch, but her heart is already in a spin and all she wants to do now is kiss him. Then she wakes up and wondering "What on earth was THAT?"

A few weeks later he visits her again - only this time she is awake! It´s three o´clock in the morning when she wakes up and feels his presence in the room. It´s the same hot feeling as in the dream, and when he lays down beside her she protests at first - she is married, got kids.. he doesn´t listen. Then he touches her again - the same light touch as in the dream - and she is flying on the wings of love... he kisses her and she has never felt anything like it much love ! She feels soo loved and so beautiful.

Now you could say it was another dream, she wasn´t really awake.. yeah, ok, if it only happened ONCE you could explain it like that. But that´s not the end of the see he kept coming back!

It is always the same thing: she wakes up and feels his presence in the room, it´s always beetween two and three in the morning, and some times twice in the same night, and it´s always just as beautiful. Now she begins to expect him to come. She´s getting ready for him in the evening waiting... she is hopelessly in love with a man that doesn´t exist ...or ...does he?? She gives him a name known only by the two of them. And she is beginning to change..

She, who has always been a collector of everything, not being able to throw anything away, starts to clean up and throw away things. She, who hasn´t bought any clothes for many years, starts to buy things for herself... sexy things, daring things..And she looses weight - 6 kilos in a couple of months! Her family starts to notice the change and her children says "You are different, mommy. You are always so happy - what has happened?" She smiles, but how do you explain an experience like that?? "I´m making love to an invisible man, and I´m so in love with him".. you can´t say that, people will think that you are crazy... well folks, what do you think - is she?

This is a true story.
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