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Apartment Problems

I had a weird dream last night...

I dreampt that I was in the apartment, in the back part of the room when I noticed that water was pouring heavily from the ceiling. It was falling to the carpet and making the paint bubble out as water that found it's way into little crevases inthe paint would get underneathe the paint and peal it away from the walls. (Don't laugh...This happened in our laundry room once when the hoses weren't hooked up right...The paint literally ballooned out away from the wall...Scarey sight, really, but I guess that's what latext paint does...), and suddenly as I was getting ready to callt he management, the walls starting collapsing, like a heavy weight had been placed on them and they couldn't hold anymore.

I grabbed my chinchilla and ran into the kitchen and found that parts of it were on fire, so I ran out fo the apartment, confused as to what happened and what to do.

By the time I got outside, there were already police, the fire department and other city workers there trying to resolev the problem. The left side of the fourth floor had completely fallen into the apartment below it, setting off a domino effect all the way to my apartment. I found the building manager and he said that the tenants had been using the apartment as a car storage area for stole cars that they would sell at a later date. They were trying to put the 30th car in there when the floor finally gave out. (On a side note, I mention the numbers of things because my dreams have been very specific about numbers recently, which I find odd. These little details usually aren't so prevalent in my dreams and I'm wondering why suddenly now, numbers have become so important...) The building manager was upset because he had strictly told all the tenants that nothing was to be stored in the apartments. That they were meant for habitation only, then he walked off.

I went back inside my place and took a look once more at the damage done to my apartment. The entire back half was fairly destroyed. The rooms were still intact, but they were not secure enough to live in and even as I was looking I realized the plaec was not very likely secure enough for me to even be in there looking around. One of the workers who was surveying the damage pointed out where the cross beams in the ceiling ahd given out and where support beams were heavily compromised. He said at that time that I would have to move because the building would need to be torn down and rebuilt.

I went back to the kitchen, and I found myself at my mom's house. It was night, and in the morning, we were having a large neighborhood get-together for those who had lost their homes from the events in the apartment building. Someone had passed away as well, so we were holding a memorial as well. I decided that I would start making the breakfast, since I was up, I was there and there was nothing else to do.

I started making poached eggs, and french fries. I made the french fries int he microwave and everytime I'd pull them out to place on another dish, they'd catch on fire and I'd have to grab the baking soda and put out the fire, since the fries were super greasy. Two of the people (one of the girls I work with and her brother) came home from a costume party. It was around 1 am or so, and I thought they were coming home fairly late. She was dressed as a fairy princess and he was dressed ina tuxedo. They pulled their large white pick-up truck into the back yard and came inside. I offered them some of the breakfast, appologizing that it wasn't much, but there'd be more come morning.

They ate a bit and before too long, it was morning. As the people came, many of them brought dishes for the breakfast, and a few of the local companies brought in food, supplies and things to help out. It was a larger crowd than expected, since many of them had come for the funeral and memorial after.

My mom introduced me to an elderly black woman who was very nice, and I thought it was odd as I had never seen her before, but my mom acted like she had known her forever. She looked very frail, so I didn't want her to have to fight the crowd of people to get her breakfast, so I offered to get it for her. She smiled and said that she wasn't hungry, but would like a drink. So I asked her what she'd like, and she gave me this recipe:

Soda Water
Sweetner/Sweet & Low

She made sure to let me know that I had to stir it very slowly and that she would know if I hadn't because the items won't mix as well together if they are stirred fast. I nodded, wondering what in the world sweetgrass was and was fairly certain we didn't have any. as I was walking away, she came up and said, "If you can't find any sweetgrass, Cream of Wheat will do just fine!" I nodded and looked down and discovered, I was standing right by a box on the table filled with Cream of Wheat packets, so I grabbed one, pointed to it to show her. She smiled and nodded and I went inside.

I stood at the kitchen counter, perplexed because I had no idea what sweetgrass looked like. My mom came in and I asked her if she had any. She nodded and got some out of this tall bottle she had on the counter. They looked like calcium pills, but she plunked them into the soda water she had already poured. I found the sweetner and wasn't sure if she'd like Sweet & Low or Equal, but figured since she specifically said, "Sweetner" which means, at least in California, Sweet & Low, I put that in there. And for some reason, I added the Cream of Wheat too, even though I had the sweetgrass, and stirred as slowly as I could as I took it back out to her. I thought the liquid woul dbe clear, but it ended up becoming this brown oatmeal type substance and I suddenly understood why she had said she would know if it had been stirred slow enough.

I woke up after a while. I don't remember much else after that. Only a story about a person who had met Santa Clause and was magically forced to relive that moment over and over again as time passed, even though he was not aware that he was.

Odd dreams...
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