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The million story building..

I had a strange dream last night...

I drempt I had snuck my way into a million story building, though it only had 100 floors. You were only allowed to be inthe building by invite, but for some reason, I had decided to go in anyways, so the owner of the building, a rather old and affluent old woman, sent her security guards to come and find me.

So I took the elevator up to the 65th floor. The first 10 floors of the building were hotel style rooms, but above those, all the rooms were huge, like the size of homes, and each floor had 4-5 rooms on it with a space int he center as you got out of the elevator that had something to do, or place to eat. The 65th floor had a large health spa/swimming pool in the center. The homes on that floor were decorated in odd shades of teal, green, yellow and blue, but it all worked well together. I ran through one home, startling a group of women drinking tea and socializing. I appologized as I ran through.

I was debating which floors would be better for me to hide in. At first, I thought the higher floors might be the way to go, but as I was thinking about it, I realized that the 30th floors were rather empty and no one used them, so that might be the better place to go. Having no idea what the security guards might suspect, I decided to stick to the stairs instead of using the elevators.

I went to the 64th floor, which was an assisted living home for the elderly, and by the elevator was a beauty parlor. On the 63th floor was the "college dorm" area, where the rooms were much smaller, and there were alot more of them and by the elevator, there was a huge bar, complete with music and dancing and all sorts of wild partying going on. It was on this floor that the building owner's daughter lived. I found her in a small pink room, super drunk. She said that she'd help me out, but passed out immediately after saying that.

On the 62nd floor, it was done much differently. This floor looked like a street, complete with moving cars. There was an old greasy spoon diner and a pet shop. I went to the pet shop and bought some fish food for my fish, because I suddenly realized I needed some, and since I was there...So I bought the food then left the store to see a man and a woman outside the diner having an arguement. Then a car came up and stopped mext to them and the woman got into the car and it drove off. I'm not sure where to though, since it was all inside the building, but it all made sense in my dream.

I was headed down the stairs to the 61st floor when the security guards caught up with me. I was angry that they had managed to find me, and one of them came down the stairs, but passed me up while the other came up to me and tried to grab me. I was able to quickly get out of his way, and he ran into the metal bars of the stair railing. I ran up to him and started hitting him with my fist, but my sweatshirt kept getting in the way, significantly reducing the impact of the hit. I got angry and pushed the sleeve way up, then continued to beat the guy near senseless, but amazingly enough, not bloody. I tell him I don't want to hurt him but I don't want him to bother me any more.

This was about the point I woke up. My husband had been snoring throughout the dream and I could hear him in my dream in parts, and I guess it got to be too loud, or I didn't want to deal with the dream any more or something.

I doubt it holds any real meaning..Just an interesting dream...
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