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Dreams are answers to questions we haven't yet figured out how to ask.

I have always been fascinated by dreams. My brother was the first one to start having weird dreams, than i started having them. So many of those dreams came true. In a lot of those dreams i met people and talked to them, even though i have never seen them before. And then i would end up meeting them in real life. First it was kind of weird but i got used to it, later on anyways. A lot of times me and my brother would have the same dreams. Sometimes i would see parts of the dream that he didn't and vice versa. When that happened we would fill each other on the stuff that we missed. It was so neat. It was like another world that we could be in, and after some time i learned how to control my dreams. When i did i could go in different places in my dreams and find out stuff that i needed to know. It was so cool. I love dreams. They are so mysterious.
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