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What is going on inside my head?!

I had the weirdest dream!

This dream was so weird that I'm sure you'll think I'm a nut case if you read this. I don't even know where to begin! I don't remember it all, and most of it is really fuzzy but I will try to recollect it as best as I can. A lot of events happened before the first part of the dream. I know it's there but I can't seem to grasp what it is! Anyway, here is what I recall:

I was sitting in a room (it could have been a classroom) with all my former boarding school friends. Everybody was either talking or writing something. I was sitting by a table, talking with my good friend Line. Line and I knew that a bomb was about to go off in that same room, and we were discussing weather we should leave or not. Finally, when there was about a minute left before it would go off, we decided to alert everybody and leave. We shouted it out but nobody would listen. I remember seeing my ex-boyfriend looking at me in a strange way. He was the only one who really recognized me, and he just said no. Line and I were just out of the room when the boom went off and the force of it threw us back. The next thing I remember is walking in to the room again. Everything is black, but I can still see everybody. In fact they are frozen to the spot where they were when the bomb went off, but they are all pitch black. A horrified dread fills me as I ventured in to the room and suddenly I slip in what I think was blood and lunches of human flesh. As I land on the floor, an emotionally wreck, everybody suddenly comes back to life and begin to laugh at me. They laughed and laughed and I just remember feeling stupid and angry at them for playing such a grotesque prank on me. Then the scene ended and a lot of things happened next that I don't remember.

The next thing I recall is being outside on a hill of a sort. I think there was snow, but I'm not sure. I was either being chased or chasing someone. We were about 4 or 5 people on the hillside, and I don't remember if the others were my friends or enemies, but suddenly I feel a great pain somewhere in my body and I crash to the grown screaming. The other people rush towards me to see what's wrong, but they can't do anything. I just keep screaming. Then the scene ends, and as before a lot of things happens after this that I can't bring to mind.

Next thing I remember is being beaten by a woman. My face is swollen and my leg hurts where the woman is currently kicking me. I recall asking her if she could perhaps kick me on the other side, because it hurts too much, and she does as I say. After a while she leaves and I go to the toilet to examine the damage. As I look in the mirror I see myself, but I don't look exactly as I do in real life. It is me, but I have the resemblance of someone else. My face is swollen and I have quite a lot of freckles, which I don't have in real life. Just before the scene ends again, I remember thinking softly that I look a bit like Ginny Weasly from the Harry Potter series.

Then a lot of things happen again that I just can't seem to grasp. I think there was some chasing again.

Anyway, the next thing I remember is walking down a street with my two good friends Lea and Signe. We are supposed to keep going but then we reach an entrance to a place where a singing competition is being held and my friends force me to enter. I am very much against it, and really don't want to enter. Everybody else is really good and has been rehearsing for weeks, while I don't even have a song to sing. But there is no way out of it and as Signe and Lea finds comfortable seats in the stands, I go back stage to somehow try and prepare myself. Back stage is flooded with people and I ask someone if there are some books with songs somewhere. The person leads me to a lot of books and I happily thank the person for the help. However, the books turn out to be unreadable and suddenly it's my turn to go on stage. All eyes are on me as I nervously reach the piano. I have no other choice than to play/sing one of my own songs. This is rather easier said than done as my voice is failing me and the piano is a wreck, but I do my best. The noise from the audience is gradually getting louder though and suddenly something weird happens. I open my eyes (in my dream) and realizes that I'm not playing … that I haven't played at all since I got on stage. I had just been sitting there with my eyes closed, doing nothing. I had been dreaming in my dream that I was playing – You still with me? Good. The noise in the room is now very loud and the speaker suddenly comes on stage and tries to make the crowd settle down. I'm still very confused but then anger wells up in me and I yell: “MY GIFT IS MY SONG!” Then I leave.

-And the next thing I know is my brother waking me up to ask me if I fed the cat.

Is that weird or what!?

If anyone has an idea of what this means, I'd be happy to hear it!

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