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I'm new

Hello my name is Libby and I'm 15 years old. I seem to have very vivid dreams in clusters. I will remember dreams every night for a month or so then suddenly for a few months I will sleep through them so I can't remember anything. I have alot of dreams that come true. For example last year I had a dream I was changing behind a heavy curtain and I was against a cold wall. I was talking to this girl about how we had to hurry up or we would miss the bus. A few months later when I went on a band trip one of my room mates was that same girl. We were in the hotel trying to get ready to go to see the blue man group. Our other two room mates had already gotten on the bus. I started to change behind the heavy curtain and I was against a cold wall. We were even talking about the same exact stuff as before. It was really surreal.
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